And she rises! The human dance is what helps the soul grow! - Pure Light 1111

And she rises! The human dance is what helps the soul grow!


Gorgeous Souls,

I have been a little quiet.  It was considered & planned.

I pulled my energy fully into creating a smooth, easy & graceful house move.  I’m in love with the land & the views (can’t stop pausing and breathing them in).

I infused the weeks prior with extra care for my body & nervous system.

I worked through the emotions that arose as I reflected over the past 10 months of huge change.

Vast spiritual growth & legacy mission work.

The bereavement of a much loved pet.

The ending of a relationship & a miscarriage.

Negotiating 5 months of being stalked, harassed & criminal damage by a neighbour.  Seeing the poison in my surrounding community & knowing my Rose lineage work was complete & now to move on.

The huge leaps in business growth (3x Rev growth).

The adventures that took me on so many fun trips.

Being outside for most of the summer checking out beautiful hotels, learning to paddle board on lakes, swimming in the Jurassic coast & immersing in waterfalls in Cornwall.

Fully re-negotiating my soul contacts to my terms.  Freeing me from obligations that would cause suffering not growth.

We are here for it ALL!

The human-ness of it ALL

I weave my magick through all the highs & difficult bumps on my path.

The more I choose to dedicate my life to seeing the beauty in it All, the more things flow.

I release the struggle of an outcome & know all will work out.

I’ve broken a pattern of deep seated trauma around moving house.  No worry or chaos this time. I knew it was all happening for me & I would follow my intuition so no need for worry.

It flowed with ease.  No burn out & no adrenal kick back (biggie for those who have experienced chronic trauma/stress)

A new chapter & start🔥🔥

One where I want to assist women desiring to rise & rip up the old rule book their bored of!

To rebel against a society & choose their self worth, desires, health, happiness & pleasure! A happy woman spreads that light wide & far!

To intertwine ancient feminine wisdom & magical power to improve her daily life!  Ritual as a kiss to life.

To anchor & bond the healthy inner masculine & feminine dance within.  So we feel safe & supported to dance more with life.  Moving more to our own beat than the rhythm of the old system.

This is as much about lifestyle as it is about wealth creation.

It’s about deconstructing each area of our lives to reset to the abundance thermostat

Only we can choose this

Only you get to make this happen

Who wants to join me?

The All Rise Conscious Collective: Rebels & Priestesses

First opening ceremony starts Weds 15th Dec.

We’re focussing on the family matrix & the community matrix (just in time for Xmas)!

Allera xx

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