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Am I hungry or am I emotionally hungry?


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

The new wave of spiritual awakenings is bringing about deep reflection & stirring for change.

We’ve had enough. Of the past couple of years of Global control, uncertainty & not feeling able to be truly free.

Yet there is a gift.

As our borders open & restrictions lift.

We begin to realise the inability to feel free goes deeper. It’s within us.

We all have our coping strategies & in honesty they kept us alive & at times sane.  Yet there comes a point when we have to face our truth. They don’t work anymore.

The way we tried to hide from ourselves in food, sex, alcohol & mindless distractions.  Just don’t take the edge off anymore.

It’s at that point we come to a crossroads.

One that if we step into the initiation of healing, we open up to not only the freedom we desire but a deeper sense of richness & fullness in life.

After a day of going deep into shadow work.  Consciously unpeeling layers that have held me unknowingly captive to my full power.  The pieces I must dissolve to expand into more of who I am.  A cycle I honour.  Crying, old mind chatter and wonky storylines rattle in my brain as tears steam down my cheeks.   Till a pause, a moment & stillness.  Release.

I continue in a spiritual bath where I perform a realignment process.  Bringing in teams to extract, recalibrate & strip me of the pieces that are no longer coherent with my vision or next steps.  Codes steam and I tone them loudly.  My body jolts as the new template is brought into my bio hologram.  Like a new computer disc being input.

I leave the bathroom a different version of self.

Renewed & every cell is tingling.

Wrapped in an oversized bathrobe I go to my bedroom.

It’s there that I start to consider what I would like for dinner.  Ordering a takeaway flashes through my mind. Then a thought about dessert. I had recently cut out sugar & that day had some raw chocolate which I didn’t enjoy.

Then I asked myself.  Am I hungry or am I emotionally hungry?

I knew my desire for sweet things was just in response to the emotionally intense day.  I just desired to feel taken care of by not needing to cook.  Not something the cheesecake I had in mind would satisfy.

After literally years I have reached a place where I can pause & track what’s really going on.

What do I really need.

How my earlier inability to hear the inner dialogue meant I could never fulfil what I really needed.

One of the most life changing things I have experienced was understanding not only that I was neglected & had a lot of faulty programming around worthiness to receive or deserve to have my basic needs met.

It was being able to love myself enough to face the root of what these unmet needs had caused in me.  The spirals & the addictions.  The eating disorder, the self doubt & destructive habits.

Yet I knew to be free I had to face these pieces & in doing so new chapters opened.

I am no longer an unconscious slave to my childhood experiences.

I am not a victim either.

By going deep into the underworld of self I pulled back my power.

If you are ready for your own healing & transformation.  Where you also have a toolkit that helps you bounce back.

This is a life changing program that is a culmination of the healing initiation I was taken on to transform my own life.  This is for anyone

on the awakening journey (not just Twin Flames)!

If you would like to work with me & I will accelerate the process – click here for 121 sessions.

Love & Expansion

Allera x

The Modern Day High Priestess


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