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Allera Dawn: The Modern Day High Priestess- Your Financial Ascension


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I have shared the role of the High Priestess is both initiate & later guide.

I never teach anything I haven’t embodied.

Which means for each ongoing desire I follow.  An initiation ensues for me to master & then teach.

My money story has taken me on many adventures through time & space.  You see part of our ascension process & sovereignty is FINANCIAL ASCENSION!

Those on the priestess path understand women didn’t always fear money with deep mistrust or believe that it had to be managed by men.

The distortions of projecting our mummy & daddy issues onto money.  Often blaming & rejecting it are present life issues!

Our soul has memories of the sacredness of money & it’s magickal allegiance. An abundance of it was a reflection of the gifts we shared with pharaohs, leaders, kings & those who ran empires.

We valued our divine gifts & this meant others did too.  Money was an exchange for sharing the years of initiation & mastery we had invested in ourselves.

In truth this hasn’t changed. We just got caught up in newer belief systems that sought to detach up from our inner gifts & being able to share them.  A complete block of feminine power.

For us to fully express & step into our power once more.

We have to firstly be embodied.  Not off wafting in the clouds.  Lost in looping patterns of the past & never present in the moment.  Our power is in this NOW moment.

Secondly we are being called to understand ourselves as part of a holographic reality.  Which we consciously & unconsciously influence on a micro & macro level.  This is where we can start to master the quantum field for accelerated manifestation.

Magick brings energy into form.  Meaning you have to be here, embodied & fully able to connect, feel & utilise the body as means of a vessel for manifestation.

Disassociation & obsession to stories are the blocks here.

Thirdly we must forge a new relationship with what we know & understand about money.

💫Money is your ally for impact.

💫Money is your partner in your purpose project

💫Money is your biggest supporter of indulgent self care & health

💫Money is your playmate for fun & expansive experiences

💫Money is ready to forgive you for mistreating it & wipe the slate clean to forge trust & collaboration.

🔥Quantum money leaps allow us to have bigger impact in the world quicker!

If you want to learn about my journey & feel you need a new frequency to calibrate to.  One that will throw logic out of the window on what’s possible.

Then join me this eve at 7:30pm:

Quantum Money Leaps – Aligned to attract & hold through pleasure, purpose & desire.

Allera xx

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