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Allera Dawn – The Modern Day High Priestess. When to leap!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

For many of us we haven’t had the role models physically or energetically to calibrate to.

This was part of the role of the ancient High Priestess.  She has weathered the storms of initiations & embodied the codes within her body & field.

Each initiation left her forever changed. Knowing each time a veil of illusion would shatter revealing more of her already mastered soul wisdom for her to embody through practice & ritual.

The high priestess lives & breathes as a dedicated initiate to this role.  Knowing these cycles are not only part of her soul purpose but how she is the conduit for the Divine to work through her.

Her life becomes an ancient art form in motion. A transmission of sorts that is offered to humanity.

A gift for her & all that she connects with.

I have shared the following as a high priestess:

I never sit on the fence
I am fully self responsible & reliant to address any block or resistance I create & delve deep into the shadows to rise,  transform & rise.
I never doubt or second guess my judgement or guidance.  I am so tuned into my guidance, soul path & being part of cosmic flow that I deeply trust- always.
I don’t get stuck in my head or wanting to know the ‘how’.  I know my power isn’t found in that space.
When I receive the guidance.  I act on it now (immediate timing, action & jumping the wave of momentum is my jam)! No procrastination.
My power of quantum leaping in all areas of life is in the ‘now’! So I train myself to quit the stories that keep me locked in linear time (past/present)!
Magick anchors my desires into the physical realm.
I live a life where I choose to take constant quantum leaps whilst rejecting what others believe is/isn’t possible.  If I desire it, it’s possible.  That’s all I need.
I care deeply about the Earth, mankind & love my spiritual crew as though they were physical friends/family.
I am a catalyst. My energy field & words shift others energies whilst in my vortex.  Which is why I value my energy & wont allow anyone in my space that feels off.

Want to see my decision making & immediate commitment to go all in?

Watch here:

The Magdalene Spring Water Blessing on Spring Equinox (received the guidance to do this the night before). Then we headed to Avebury for further adventure!

Do you hear the call of the inner priestess?

Allera xx

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