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Allera Dawn: The Modern Day High Priestess: Time is an illusion & block to quantum leaps


A huge reminder TIME IS AN ILLUSION ⏰

Your soul recognises that it’s only a 3D construct.

So to have quantum results we have to be ready to face what part of us is sub-consciously blocking our results – the relationship, the money or the dream home.

It means deciding to stop playing the way you have.

To get different results you have to change your game plan.

You have to become conscious in what energy you are showing up with

If your mind is constantly in the past or future (ie I will only be happy when xyz happens – big time lack vibration)!

You aren’t connected to the quantum field.

The quantum field can only be accessed in the NOW!

Which means I’m truth the past doesn’t matter. Unless you keep focussing on it which brings it in a loop into the now (see the monkey mind trap)!

On top of which we need to be in our bodies.  A huge challenge for women as trauma causes the reason for us leaving the body (soul fragmentation amongst other things).

So daily alignment to the now, feeling your best & taking the most aligned action today.  Is your power spot!

So simple but when we’re caught up in our patterns we often can’t believe there’s another way.

My whole life & business trajectory including the technology I am being asked to bring through at the next level to share.  Is all completely out of the realm of what most think is possible.

Yet it is, if you choose it for yourself!

You have be willing to recalibrate your mindset, being, routines & focus.  To embody the changes.

Are you ready to decide that you will release yourself from the time constraint programs  you are running?

Areas to consider:

– Instant healing
– Releasing yourself fully from family matrix connections into abuse, poverty, servitude, lack & obligation & spiritual bondage
– Energy upgrades to raise frequency above chaos so the rest drops away
– Clearing trauma at root (timeline) & removing the portal connection so you break the memory loops
– Disconnecting yourself from processing ancestral abuse trauma through your body in an hour (including stopping playing vacuum cleaner for the collective
– Psychic surgery to implement a morphic field upgrade in an hour
–  Becoming multi orgasmic
– Accessing past life abilities without needing to relearn them- auto integration
– Feeling safe & empowered young radiate the frequencies of your sexual energy in your field day to day
– Energy architecture magick to create stronger multi dimensional harmony as you expand into your spiritual gifts

I am a catalyst & High Priestess who does this (and more) daily as the norm

For myself & clients- it’s my gift that keeps giving. As I share the fruits of every upgrade!

Come & hear more about quantum leaps this evening at 7:30pm

Allera xx

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