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Allera Dawn 2023 Leadership Insights- What Conscious Business Owners & CEO’s need to be considering

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2023 is certainly going to be a year of transition and will require a new lens of perspective to ensure that both business & employees thrive.

We are seeing a collective change in both individuals perception of success in life and in turn questioning whether current career choices are a fit for their priorities and values in life.  Time freedom, flexible work locations & the rise of the side hustle mean there is now a new version of possibility available to both the younger generations & those questioning the leap from employed to entrepreneur.

The growth of the online education industry has exponentially grown in the past 5 years and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.  This means individuals can easily monetize existing skills & add more strings to their bow without the constraints of the old education model of university or getting an MBA to be a success in business.  The rise in mentors, coaching and accelerated business growth containers means access to experts and support through uncertain times.  There has never been so much personal and business online education available and this is making the decision easier for those choosing to consciously resign.

Ready to take the leap?  Here’s some considerations for those planning to step into entrepreneurship.

Pro’s – There has never been a more abundant time to learn new skills & combine your career expertise into an online business with very low overheads to run.  There is an excess of project based experts for website design, seo optimisation, setting up a podcast & even VA’s through resources through platforms like Fiver which can really help with the initial set up & free up time at low cost.  This is the time where business models are being disrupted, we are given the invitation to become life architects.  As an entrepreneur you get to choose how you design your business & how you want you spend your valuable time.  I hires support from day 1 & invested in Business Audit Intensives with experts to get valuable insights & wisdom.  A one hour coaching call enabled Allera Dawn to save £35k on what would have been an expensive wrong move.

Cons- Be prepared that even if you are a six figure earner in the Corporate world it’s very different when you are the one who has to generate the sales to create the money to pay for yourself & the business.  It will require emotional intelligence & awareness to heal your money story blocks pro-actively without going into fear if sales slow or something happens in the Global markets that creates disruption.  You & your business are on a journey that will require investment in ongoing learning & growth especially in the online world where things constantly change.  Surround yourself by coaches, mentors who are ahead of you & a peer group that have a similar vision.  Having support on the entrepreneurial path can help you bounce back from fear & avoid loneliness.

Honing your inner guidance and intuition is an over looked skill.  Yet this will be your leading edge tool whilst navigating running a business during a recession.

Are you a seasoned business owner or CEO…your focus needs to be on employee workplace wellness.

Allera Dawn, Founder of Pure Light 1111, Business Coach & workplace wellness expert advises the biggest challenge for leaders in 2023 will managing workplace wellness through economic uncertainty.  Including Financial wellbeing as a new focal point.

Allera Dawn advises we must recognise the workforce is operating through the strain of 3 years of collective & personal trauma.  All of which affects mental health, stress levels & productivity.  We are sat on a volcano about to erupt & the unspoken worry about personal finances & cost of living are likely to be a tipping point.

Aviva’s Working Lives Report  2022 “Research consistently shows that financial distress relates to health outcomes, including dysregulated production of the hormone cortisol, key to dealing with stress, and self-reported health. In turn, these can influence performance and absenteeism.”

Navigating this period will require a greater depth of emotional intelligence from leadership teams.  Psychological safety in the workplace is going to be a key theme.

Organisations need to find ways of collating information on their peoples financial wellbeing through wellness platforms or surveys.  Whilst also remembering the gender pay gap will be exacerbated during this new cost of living crisis.

Money & mental health are the great taboos.  It’s time to lift the lid & normalize the conversation.  Leadership communication & support needs to be visible, accessible & stigma free.

Allera Dawn, Founder of Pure Light 1111, International Life & Business Coach & workplace wellness expert.  Started her own business in 2017 as a side hustle whilst still working for a Global Investment Bank.

This experience equipped her to navigate many challenges including facing her money story healing, prioritising self care, work life balance, scaling, pivoting & making the leap to go all in & focus fully on the business in 2020 when she created her first 6 figure year.

She works with professionals, founders, entrepreneurs & ceo’s to transform & expand all areas of life, money & business with purpose & positive impact in the world.

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