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Addictions on the Twin Flame Journey

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Addictions are rife within the Twin Flame journey.  These are the ball and chain that hold many back from creating new lives, loving themselves and healing.  Until the soul has fully let go of the attachment to the old lifestyle these behaviours belong to, they will continue to attract tests from the universe.  Normally in the form of karmic soulmates and more teachers.  Those who try to pull us backwards testing us to use and trust our intuition and ultimately say no.  This is a test of commitment.  Test to a persons commitment to self-love, to union and carrying out their Divine contract.  There’s no middle road here.  There will always be temptations but it’s about knowing deep inside that what your heart and soul are pulling you towards is far greater than any weakness you can give into.

Many Twin Flame souls chose to incarnate into difficult childhood situations.  Meaning many experienced neglect, abuse of all kinds, narcissistic parents, loss and abandonment.  They chose these families at soul level as these are the most deep rooted negative family and relationship templates to be transformed.  By being born into these families it offers an opportunity to completely shift the genetic templates if they are able to heal themselves when they awaken.

Childhood trauma of any kind including sexual abuse.  Causes not only trauma, shock and often PTSD.  It also causes disassociation.  In times of severe fear, the only way the person can survive is for the mind to cut out and a person comes out of their body temporarily as a safety measure to prevent experiencing the ongoing trauma.  This it means a person’s soul leaves the body.  The body is essentially an empty vessel at that time.  This not only causes soul fragmentation, where traumatised parts of the soul remain at the scene of the incident.  It also creates an ongoing pattern as a way to cope.  Meaning that going through life, a way of coping with emotionally intense, intimate (including during sex) or frightening experiences is to literally leave the body.  Making that person very energetically vulnerable.

Repeated incidents of childhood abuse whether it be physical or sexual leave the energy body very weak.  This means holes in the aura or a person may literally leak their energy as they have a tear in their field.  If you imagine a wound that hasn’t healed, energetically it creates an imbalance for that person and as it sits in their field often means they attract further experiences of similar abuse or crossing of their boundaries until resolved.  Which is possible with an experienced healer.

Many people use all manner of substances or behaviours to numb their feelings.  I have found that due to the nature of the frequency of abuse many Twin Flames have experienced in childhood.  The amount of either self-neglect or addictions among them are high.  It’s become a cycle they’ve been unable to break.  This is part of their healing on the awakened path.  To free themselves from the wounds that prevent themselves from self-love.

So I want to explain why this is such an important topic for Twin Flames who may know or even feel that their counterpart is an addict of any nature (sex, alcohol, gambling, drugs etc).

Due to their unhealed childhood abuse wounds they are very susceptible to negative entity attachments whilst even drinking one beer!  Their energy fields just can’t shield them enough as their boundaries just aren’t strong enough.

For someone who has strong energy field and hasn’t experienced any trauma such as abuse.  After two alcoholic drinks they have weakened their aura enough to create holes in it.  It then takes a further three days for the whole energy field to re-harmonise.

For someone with an already weakened field it may take up to 10 days!  So that’s essentially like leaving your home with the windows and doors open and then wondering why you’ve attracted all the local trouble makers to rob you!  Having an entity attachment is like being burgled.  Someone crossed your energetic boundaries and essentially steals your vital life force.  Your behaviours and habits were the permission they needed.

Due to the entities low vibrational nature, they also manipulate the person they are hosting.  This means they start to puppeteer that person.  Have you ever seen how people completely change whilst they’re drunk…like a different person.  Well that’s kind of what is happening.  An entity jumps on for a ride and will literally source their addictions through that person.  Think about how many people ‘only smoke when they’re drunk’!  It’s entities playing through people and it’s rife.

If you have a Twin Flame who is sleeping around or are partaking in high risk activities, then they are exposing you to them energetically. Your energy bodies are shared.  This means if your Twin Flame has an entity, it can be felt by you and will lower your vibration.  This can bring you into fear and perhaps manipulate you to do things that take you off path.

As many Twin Flames also have children who are awakening, they also become prime targets.  A child is a high vibrational being and entities can receive a lot of energy from them.  They can stir them into fear and will literally feed from these low vibrations.  This is why we must be conscious that our behaviour affects the whole family.  It’s important to energy clear daily to remove these entities and help keep the harmony and balance in the home.  It’s part of what is required for those raising consciously awake families.  Most importantly we are being called to transform our lifestyle through our habits and behaviours!

I want to explain something called soul shifting.  So at the beginning of each incarnation we have what is called the 1st breath of life soul.  Now this is the soul who has the agreed Divine Soul Blueprint for this entire incarnation.

In the event of trauma it may be that as the soul fully left the body another soul entered.  This is essentially possession.  Now step away from the thoughts of Hollywood portrayals.  It’s actually very common.  I would say 1 in 10 people I read for have experienced soul shifting during their lives.

Now it causes huge problems for the true 1st breath of life soul if another soul is occupying the body.  It means that new soul is playing out their blueprint, illusions, karma and essentially running their own agendas.  Due to the nature of how the imposter soul entered the body (during abuse/trauma), this soul is negative.  Meaning they run disruptive patterns including those which essentially cause the person to destroy their lives.  They are taken completely off path and will often put themselves in constant high risk situations with unsavoury people.  This is in alignment with the vibration of the imposter soul.  In the Twin Flame situation it blocks healing, union and carrying out their Divine Soul Contract.

Now some of you may be reading this and thinking well how would I know if this was happening to my Twin Flame.  It may be you see a photo of them and their energy is totally different, like a different person.  There’s no light in their eyes.  Their body shape may change and seem puffy or different as they are taking on the emotional body of the other soul.  It may be when you connect with them telepathically you feel a dark or frightening energy, not the one you recognise.  They may also have huge shifts in behaviours, habits, addictions and see the person is stuck in self-sabotage behaviours that follow no sense or reason.

I also check and confirm if this is happening in the Akashic Records during a Soul Realignment session.  It is here that I can resolve it, bind and remove the imposter soul, revoke all soul contracts, pacts and reintegrate the 1st breath of life Soul and re seat their soul memory system.  As unfortunately the person will have taken on the beliefs, karmic imprints and karma of the imposter soul.  They have essentially been following the soul blueprint plans of another soul.  Leaving them completely confused and often feeling like they are going mad!  Pulled in two directions.

Once this has been resolved, the challenge then is that the Twin Flame who had been soul shifting has to refrain from the addictive behaviours 100%.  This means stopping drinking all alcohol, stopping drugs, smoking or having multiple sexual partners, changing their circles of friends and often their social life completely as it just creates the whole pattern to happen again.  So that person has to commit to loving themselves enough to totally detach from their old life style.

I am seeing many Divine Masculine at a cross roads where they may have gone cold turkey during their initial awakening to get a grip as things changed so quickly.  However, as they now feel things are calmer, they are sat on the fence about whether they can dip back to old ways and still be in control.  The answer is 100% no.  I have seen it happen time and time again.  The cost each time getting higher as an awakened persons soul will literally pull the rug from beneath them to help them learn lessons and keep on path.

In the Akashic records, I’m seeing in these situations the soul has marked death doors for themselves.  This means windows they can take an early death.  It becomes too difficult to remain in these cycles.  They have already spent many years of suffering and the soul is too broken to continue.  They are so off the path they agreed for themselves and have suffered too much trauma.

I want to share an example of this. I have changed some of the following details to respect privacy, however this is an important message to share as it could quite easily happen and we should know the signs.  To add I have also seen a pretty similar situation with a female Twin Flame, so it’s not just the guys going through this.

A woman needed help with her Twin Flame counterpart, a man in his early 40’s.  Outwardly a successful business man with 2 young teenage sons.   Due to childhood abuse, abandonment and an adult trauma of losing a partner suddenly, he was soul shifting with three other very negative souls.  This had gone on in total for around 30 years since childhood.  Causing all manner of chaos and drama in his life.

The soul shifting was happening very regularly, every time the man drank alcohol.  So a new soul would take over pretty much every other day.  The man was on a very dark path of risk taking behaviours including alcohol abuse, drug use and prostitutes.  He was involved in the BDSM scene and exposing himself not only std’s but also very negative entities which preyed on him due to his own childhood wounds.  These souls had completely taken over his life and were destroying it.  He was literally being used like a puppet and seemed to have no awareness.  In his altered state he believed he was in control.  He was driven by fear, addictive desires and trying to keep a hold of success as he correlated that to being his only sign of value.  All of which was down to the entities manipulating his thoughts, perceptions and keeping him from seeing the truth.

One of the souls in his body had soul contracts with others which led to some serious real life situations.  Including marrying a woman he barely knew and then separating two months later.  She was actually a karmic soulmate of the soul who had taken over his body!  In doing this, the imposter soul bound him to a negative soul group and he was unknowingly clearing up all their karmic mess.  Causing karmic entrapment, more pain, chaos and suffering in his life.  The addictions kept him tied to all these negative situations and people.  All of which kept him from coming into his own power, healing and union.

He had unknowingly overdosed more than 30 times in his life which had completely destroyed his energy field.  What he may have thought were black outs were in fact times when other souls would step in to keep the body from dying.  He had no choice in who stepped in and this is how the contracts with the three souls who would cycle in and out of him was formed.  His own 1st breath of life soul would not be able to stay in the body and ‘guard the house’ at that time of taking any substance.  This meant for the rest of his life if he drank one sip of alcohol he would start the cycle of soul shifting and entity attachments again.  His situation was the worst I have witnessed.

His 1st breath of life soul had two death doors planned.  One we avoided due to the healing work I carried out.  At soul level he had agreed to be in a car accident.  The next one was scheduled by the soul if he decided to lapse into his old behaviours.  This was the final chance for him to remain in this incarnation.  His death door was to have a brain haemorrhage and heart attack from cocaine abuse if he continued on his destructive path.  I did an Intuitive body scan of the man and he had a large hole through his nostrils up to the brain from years of drug abuse.  I was shown he didn’t die from a binge.  He had chosen to die from one pint of beer and two lines of cocaine!  This was the consequence if he didn’t change his lifestyle and commit to get on path.  The soul had made its exit plan if he decided to go back to old patterns.

It just goes to show we must never take our lives or health for granted.  If he had known this bigger picture would he choose to die, leaving his children fatherless due to his destructive habits?  After the soul realignment and his spiritual awakening he did start to heal.  However, this is a day to day reminder that his soul has the plans to exit if he slips off course again.  He is very much tested on his commitment to self-love daily.  This has brought him a lot of growth.

In these situations it calls for a huge amount of soul lessons to be learnt by the healthy Twin.  Lessons of boundaries, compassion, forgiveness and also clearing up any patterns from the drama triangle (rescuer, persecutor, victim) to be healed.  It calls for an enormous amount of self-love, respect and calls for that person to dig deep and know their own value and worth.  Also that their counterpart has free will.  If they choose to live in chaos or take a death door, it is their choice.

The whole Twin Flame Awakening process and ultimate union is to bring us into embodying the vibration of unconditional love for ourselves and others whilst on earth.    There’s no room for addictions, drama and suffering.  They are energetically the other end of the spectrum and hold a person in a lower consciousness state.

If you or your Twin Flame are struggling to let go of old habits, patters or addictions, I offer Soul Realignment and 121 sessions to assist.  Check out

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