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Action equals change


We are all co-creators of our realities.  To get the maximum benefit and results of our energy clearing, manifestation requests and healing work, we must take daily conscious ACTION!

When you get clear about what you want, listen to your Intuitive guidance, then commit to yourself DAILY to take one action step towards your desired goal. Energy follows intention.  Taking action with strong intent is a very strong energetic message to the universe.  It will act as a pull to bring whatever you are wanting, to you!

Many people don’t ‘create’ the lives they want because…

  • They aren’t really clear on what they want
  • They don’t clear their limiting beliefs blocking them
  • They aren’t listening to the soul whisperings & guidance
  • They know what they want but have a deep inner fear of having it, so self- sabotage

Or they do all the energy work but take no ACTION!  This is endemic across spiritual and Twin Flame communities.

As we are co-creators – All good things ‘don’t’ come to those who wait!

Waiting & not taking action is passive and has a sense of victim energy & apathy to it.  This isn’t high vibration alignment with what your soul desires.  It’s handing over the keys to your car and letting someone else drive it!  You are destined to a path of their choosing!

This is also the polar opposite to the true brilliance, power, drive & beauty of your soul.  In its true vastness, it has the ability to create and transform any situation!  In this embodied lifetime you need to let it give you the directions and help it steer the car through your ‘actions’.

What action will you be taking today to steer you towards the life your soul is dreaming of?


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