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Abundance Amplifier- Come join us!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

Last week was epic.  The last leg of momentum to shift us into position to really benefit from the new Feminine Wealth Consciousness template has started.

Did you feel it?

This represents a turning point for women.  One where we move away from historically being the commodity & collateral of a patriarchal society.  Meaning we depended on men, marriage & often undertones of a master /slave dynamic as we didn’t have the freedom of choice that money gives us.  So often we chose relationships & perhaps even career paths that weren’t heart aligned but we did it for survival, security & supposed ease.  Not realising this mis-alignment created a gilded cage we must now free ourselves from.

You see money represents relationships & is divine energy flow that supports you in expansion, choice, freedom & growth to live & be who you choose.  It has long been demonised & distorted as being something of a power struggle means.  Yet it’s another story for us to unlearn.

Back before a dollar note. The exchange of an item such as an animal between tradesmen or tribes was a token of the relationship & connection.  An energy exchange.  It moved to physical cash as that was easier than transporting the animal or whatever else was being offered.

So to step into Amplified abundance, extend our energy field to accommodate this (& hold/retain it).  We must do some reconfiguration to unplug from the old illusions of it being shameful & greedy to have money or desire a enjoyable life.  As it’s nothing to do with the money.  It’s to do with you allowing yourself to step into your power and give yourself permission to hear & honour your desires.

Money becomes the facilitator that assists in that design.  Meaning the means to creating that space to write the book on land that supports your energy or to scale your business & have a team, meaning you can reach more people & do it whilst employing & helping others!

It provides freedom, choice & opportunities. That you get to create yourself without anyone else’s permission or approval.

We’re moving away from a time where the Divine Feminine must carry the weight of others on her shoulders & drag them along through their own ascension.  We’re being freed to fully embody our truth, activate our desires & manifest them- with ease, joy & pleasure!

We then pave a new way for feminine independence & wealth creation.  That breaks the societal norm & addiction to struggle & a battle story to success.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

We’re being guided to tap into a new field of consciousness that stops us constantly dropping in and out of feeling good & back into chaos.  Removing the old family templates that often cause that & stabilising your field do you manifest from a higher set point! So it becomes easy!

If you missed my Abundance Amplifier video/ watch it here where I go deep into this…

If you want to join us for this final transformational Mastermind of 2020.

The sessions are 30th Nov & 2nd Dec! You can join here…


Let’s re-set to Amplified Abundance for the end of 2020 & ride the accelerated energies of 2021 to manifest our goals!

Allera xx

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