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Hello, my name is Allera Dawn and I am a Psychic Success & Business Coach.  I help female spiritual entrepreneurs who continually want to expand into next levels of wealth, impact & pleasure as they scale their heart centred businesses. 

I help empower women to step into their next level highest version of self.  Transform their story, take back their power & create soul aligned lives & businesses.

I use a combination of healing modalities, my spiritual gifts and personal experience to provide you with a coaching experience that is unique to your needs and goals.

Throughout my 20 years as a Vice President in the corporate environment, I ran in parallel a Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching business, which led to the founding of PURE LIGHT 1111.

I have a passion and desire to help women awaken to their true inner potential and to guide them to create the life their soul is yearning for.

I aim to bridge the psychological, spiritual and energy healing aspects to create a grounded experience which is supportive wherever you are on your soul journey.

Love and blessings to all you brave souls.

Now is the time to step into your light and create the life of your dreams xx


  • Transformation coaching. Incorporating my whole tool kit by giving clients the soul perspective & lessons of their current challenge.  Work on their beliefs, limitations & provide deep energy healing to get to the root of a situation, removing blocks and restrictions. We then ground the shifts with conscious aligned goals and actions to create rapid change.
  • A holistic approach of incorporating mind, body and soul to assist in creating transformation in a grounded way!
  • Clear channel & natural medium.  Multi dimensional & past life healer.
  • Soul coach- Assisting you to align to your true authentic empowered self through the use of the Akashic records.
  • Womb matrix & energy field healer.
  • Channel for the new highly sensitive/ awakened children wanting to be born into the planet – Through my lead guide Ashar who represents these souls.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Hypnobirth Practitioner
  • Advanced level 3 Soul Realignment Practitioner
  • Soul Realignment for Business and Financial Abundance – Practitioner
  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
  • Humanistic Counselling Approach

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