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A 1 hour call saved me £35,000!


Gorgeous Souls,

I want to share with you a powerful lesson i went through on my path…

A 1 hour conversation with a Business Coach ,which cost me £1000 saved me £35,000 & a lot of wasted time & frustration!

Back in 2019 I was ready to scale. I desired to grow my business, make more impact without needing to be DOING, DOING, DOING!

I knew I needed automation but as someone who had a background in Finance, had managed Global multi $$$$ projects, can smell a risk & potential issues a mile off. I knew I had to fully understand the intricacies and options before I made a choice.

Inside I knew this move would be one that accelerated me. I could feel the build up of energy and was being given all the intuitive downloads daily and things were moving quick.

Including the new clients coming to me for the product I was planning on launching (before even sharing about it)!

That’s always a good sign that things are aligned!

So I started my research. I knew I needed to understand different business models and strategies of those who had done it.

This is where being an entrepreneur requires you to be so many different experts in one.

So I had a discovery call with a coach and was taken through the offering. £35k for 3 months to work with her and her team. She went through what was covered & relayed off a lot of marketing jargon (which had been her background before coaching). Yet she never asked much about my own expansion plans, nothing about my business model, who I work with & barely asked about my business. She was just focused on selling to me!

I then by chance came across a Business coach offering a 121 Intensive session which would mean I could actually do some brainstorming with someone & another opinion and perspective would help me make a decision.

During my call with the Business coach I explained where I was and where I desired to go. On that call she explained that what I actually needed to do first was make some tech changes, then automation and then implement ad marketing. There it was, a process map for getting to where I needed to go. It felt expansive.

That call had saved me £35k! As the first coach would have sold me the completely wrong thing.

It worked out well. I hired a Marketing team for £18k for 3 months who did the job for me whilst I learnt the inside process! (They still work with me now)!

I then launched my new product and had my first £51k launch (in 4 days)!

It showed me the importance of having experts that I can lean on to provide me with up to date info on the market, strategies & being able to pivot quickly! It also helps me support my clients as they not only get access to me…they have the wealth of wisdom of my team.

Staying stuck costs us money, time & a whole lot of energy!

When we’re growing a business in a world that’s changing so quickly it’s important to be getting support.

Energetics & healing work is a huge part of what I do.

When we are on soul path it amplifies what we do!

Yet none of it can be grounded without strong foundations & aligned strategy!

I have a limited number of Soulful Business Intensive Calls available monthly (Zoom & in person in London).

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