3 Part FB Training- The 3 Shades of Sabotage starts 2nd of March - Pure Light 1111

3 Part FB Training- The 3 Shades of Sabotage starts 2nd of March


Beautiful Souls,

I am being guided to help lift the blocks & blinkers many are wearing!

Shine light on the illusions & often self imposed limitations that women place on themselves.  Which keeps them in struggle & feeds the old paradigm victim consciousness.  Leading to poverty mindset!

To step into our true power we must face the shadow aspects and behaviours that poison our lives & businesses.  Keeping you playing small & EARNING SMALL!

We’re half way through the first quarter of 2020 & there is a huge amount of vibrant energies wishing to assist us in rapidly transforming this year.

Don’t miss this opportunity through indecision & inaction.

Don’t allow life to happen to you!  You truly are the High Priestess of your Temple & it’s time to step up & upgrade it in all areas!

Utilise your inner brilliance, magick, juiciness & powers of transformation to rise into abundance, luxury, support & Joy!

Just because life is one way now DOES NOT mean it HAS to be the same in 3 months time!


I will be going live on FB to bring through transformational activations to assist you in UPGRADING in ALL areas of your BEING & BUSINESS!

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Join the FB Page: Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur


I’ll be live in the group at 7:30pm taking you deep into the exploration of –

The 3 Shades of Sabotage

Mon 2nd March – Money Shame
Tues 3rd March – The Persecuted Priestess
Weds 4th March – The Pioneer without a plan

Love & abundance blessings

Allera x

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