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203 women healed their matriarchal line!


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

I am honoured to have shared the power & Magick of the past week!

203 women signed up to The Abundance Blueprint Upgrade.

I created this to show the elegance & simplicity in my approach to shadow work!

No need to create further dramatics!

It’s time to elevate!

It’s time to stop the old battles & ways of being in their tracks!

It’s time for a new chapter!

During the free program I created an opportunity for each person to understand the ancestral abundance story they have inherited.  The energies, old pain & limitation they agreed to process & carry for their ancestors!

To really see how this bleed is now a block!

To understand how we respond to the speed in which money, love, abundance wants to flow to us.  Yet often this doesn’t feel safe so our nervous system kicks in!

So many multi layered teachings & awareness so you can make the conscious choice to change!

It was the end of last week that source shared ”it’s time & they are ready to heal their patriarchal line”!

For many there’s four much collective present pain around wounded masculine energy.  It’s hard to know where to begin.

So, with guidance I will go to root.  The beginnings of patriarchal rule, the wounded poisons of your ancestors (abuse, violence, neglect, rage, depression, poverty, control, jealousy, betrayal etc).  Then onto your own relationship with both the masculine in this life & your own masculine energy!

All to clear the blocks & ancestral load your operating under!  To free you to access your true Abundance Blueprint without repression or taint!

No longer pulled back by the restraints or expectations of the tribe.  You free yourself & you free them!

Get started with here with The Abundance Blueprint here:


Spots will open for the new 3 week group immersion to heal the Masculine Ancestral line in a couple of days!  Payment plan will be available!  If you’re ready to step up as the pioneer of your tribe drop me a Dm & I’ll add you to the list.

Allera x

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