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2021- You need to write the terms now!


Hey Gorgeous Sisters,

2021 is calling you to write & set the terms!?

Yup! This is why many are feeling directionless & a bit swept away by the multiple streams & paths others are on!

Those who have thrived in 2020 are into a bit of a groove & are using their momentum to scale & move forwards.  Recognising the power they hold to create whatever they choose & going for it!?

Women on the awakened path are being called to transform their triggers, fears & the internal b/s they are still holding onto that’s keeping them from creating their own powerful waves!

To call the shots & become your own life leader you need to confidently own your desire, juicy passions & voice!

To ground your desire through magick is the path of the priestess! ???

To do it in poverty, struggle & projected blame against money is the BLINDSPOT!?

If you don’t have a good relationship with money is it any wonder it’s not flowing into your life to rescue you (often like the unseen desire for a man to rescue you with his love)!

It’s not going to happen like that ladies!

Time to wake up to the fact you are stating a claim to become sovereign but are still holding onto lots of b/s keeping you static, waiting & thinking something outside of you will create the change!

Nope…that’s your invitation!?


Then EMPOWER YOURSELF to create your souls most exciting, lit up & juicy desires! ❤️

We start on 8th March?

Join us here!

DM me for payment plan availability!


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