121 Shadow Deep Dive Sessions - Start on Monday - Pure Light 1111

121 Shadow Deep Dive Sessions – Start on Monday


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I received guidance through my last immersion that there’s a huge need for some accelerated 121 Shadow work.  This is the stuff that can’t be easily navigated alone.

The shadow is the part of yourself that is unconscious (can also be stories you have locked into your field that are so restrictive that you can’t create a new wave pattern).

It can be an area you aren’t facing or where you are avoiding being soul level honest with yourself.

When I work with clients 121 I am an expert at tracking what’s going on holographically which is how I can provide profound conscious awareness to those who work with me.

You can’t release that which you have no awareness of for these pieces!

These are your blind spots.  They will also be the blocks to smashing the next glass ceiling of consciousness, money, love & health.

We have to go deep into the underworlds to go higher into the multi dimensional realms of light!

My sessions are bespoke & whatever is needed to identify & transform will be brought forward.  I am a High Priestess, hereditary witch, clear channel, soul architect, coach, healer, psychic surgeon who works holographically & with many different soul tools & teams.

To add I’ve also got a very real world grounded level of experience too!

I’ve got a background of nearly 20 years in Finance in the Sales & Trading floors of Global Investment banks & a clinical background in Gestalt therapy & am an Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Plus have created my freedom led soul aligned business that is thriving!  Quantum leaps in income is now part of my life as I’m always moving part my zone of comfort!

Meaning I ground my desires into how I live my life in the 3D!  I am a transformation master & share this as part of my path.

So you are getting a unique experience that pulls in my soul wisdom, gifts & real world practical expertise!

So I listened to the call & for the next few weeks have created time in my calendar for some rare 121 sessions.

You can book here…


Looking forward to assisting you out of the darkness & into a state of clarity, elevated joy, abundance, peace & inner strength!

Allera xx

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