Twin Flame Soul Clearing

Within this reading and clearing I access the Akashic records for both you and your Twin Flame.

This Twin Flame reading and clearing gives you a picture of who you both are at soul level, what life lessons you are working on together, your soul vibration % helping you to see on a soul level how consciously aware you are of yourselves as souls and how aligned you are as a pair at this time. 

Plus we will remove the current blocks and restrictions present in the dynamic at this time. 

This key information empowers you to understand from a higher place who you and your Twin Flame are at soul level. 

By seeing things through the eyes of the soul and taking proactive steps in the physical to make choices in alignment with your Divine soul blueprint you can create the life of your dreams!   

60 min skype/phone session to discuss results and clearing.

Recording of the Akashic record clearing for you to listen to for seven nights following our session.

Property clearance for both Twin Flames can be included in this package.

  • Soul “personality’’ profile for you and your Twin: Your gifts, talents, traits and specialisations in which you are designed to thrive and flourish.  You will also be able to see how both your gifts complement each others.
  • Soul vibration rate:  This is in relation to your self-awareness and how consciously aware you are to higher dimensional aspects of yourself.  If you have awakened and have a soul vibration of 5.2 and your twin flame is at 4.5 you will know that consciously your twin has not yet awakened to who they truly are yet.  Once coming towards union stage the Twin Flames will be at a similar vibrational point and will then need to maintain this.
  • Energy centres for both Twins:  We all have primary and sometimes secondary energy centres which shape our Divine nature and when we live in alignment to these we are able to manifest more easily and experience life flows, as we are utilising our souls strengths.  Examples of these are Divine Love, Truth, Creativity and Wisdom.
  • Soul group of origin: Each of our soul groups hold a history and energy signature due to their ‘experiences’.  As our soul has connections to this tribe we too hold some of these energies which influence our passions and drives in this lifetime.  I will also check and release any karmic entanglements to  negative soul groups which may be blocking the connection.
  • Soul specializations for each twin: These are specific skill sets that constitute each soul.  For example many souls have 2-3 of these.  If you have a soul specialization of the ‘Melchizedek priesthood’ your soul will possess the abilities of a powerful energy healer, with a strong desire to help mankind.  If you have a secondary specialisation of the ‘keepers of neutrality’ your soul will inherently non-judgemental and neutral, the natural mediators of the world.  When you understand yourself at a soul level it opens the doors to proactively align yourself to the gifts and specialisations which will allow your soul to express itself fully.  This is useful to know when considering Twin Flames have agreed to complete a purpose together in this lifetime.
  • Life lessons for each Twin flame:  Identifying the primary and secondary life lessons your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime.  I will also check and clear any distortions/karmic/imprints/illusions/programming present which are causing a negative polarity of the lesson to be repeated/experienced.  For example, leaving love through loss or suffering.  I will also remove any genetic karma and vows which are negative impacting the soul’s ability to align fully with their divine soul blueprint.
  • Core wound clearing: Our core wounds can express as a repeating pattern of abandonment, abuse, unworthiness, victimisation, betrayal and have roots through the Karmic family shadow.  I will identify and clear these including the genetic, soul level and energetic blocks and restrictions that have caused the pattern to continue.
  • Archetype realignment:  If you can image the soul came to earth to learn by having an experience of itself.  The soul itself doesn’t have a set expression ie it can express it’s self as male or female and will also choose the body it incarnates in (including all illnesses, ailments and restrictions) so it can have an experience of itself through those circumstances. Archetype templates give the soul a lens with which to express itself however some of these can become corrupted causing us to have limited range of experience for each.  I will be checking amongst many divine masculine, divine feminine, victim, rescuer, Divine mother, Divine Father, lover, saboteur, addict, patriarch, healer, wounded child, warrior and whether any of these are being stuck in a negative polarity.
  • Twin Flame Relationship reading and clearing:  I will  identify the blocks and restrictions at the root of the present issues between you and your Twin Flame and clear them.  When Twin Flames have met in the physical  a process of soul merge will start.  This triggers a purging process where you will both become more aware of each other energetically.  This can mean that choices you make in this lifetime including negative addictions and patterns begin to affect the other person and vice versa.  You may also begin to experience past life and childhood memories coming up to be purged along with all the related trapped emotions.  All of which can be quite a roller coaster.  This clearing can help remove the energetic baggage and give you clarity so you can move forwards in your journey.
  • Beliefs: I will identify common limiting beliefs and remove from the Akashic records including any related programs, karmic imprints and illusions that are causing the pattern to perpetuate.
  • Soul fragment retrieval:  As part of all the Soul clearing I perform this is always included.  This includes release of the related trauma being held and causing repeated loops to occur.
  • Removal of attached and stalking: negative entities, soul shifting situations, demons, poltergeists, earthbound spirits, spirit wife’s/husbands/marriages, heartbreak spirits and more.  Including the clearance of karmic ties, binds, and any agreements allowing the attachment to continue.  I also include all family spiritual bondage which is influencing this (eg: generational wounds of violence, abuse, addictions and genetic karma).
  • Clearance of vows to gods/goddesses of the 5th plane, vows of obedience, poverty, perpetual solitude, celibacy, chastity, sacrifice, indentured servitude and more.  Clearance of the Bodhisattva vow.  Clearance of vows/pacts/contracts with any negative guides, ET’s, dark lords, negative brotherhoods, negative soul groups/covens and collectives/ organisations/past religions/healers/cults.  I have an extensive knowledge in this field and can help remove many deep layers which may be hidden at present.
  • Clearance of any compassionate connections, outdated soulmate contracts, outdated contracts to heal, protect and financially provide for souls.  Removal of all related hooks, cords and energetic entanglements which are no longer in alignment with your souls divine blueprint.  This can be a useful after ending a relationship and when you are ready to let go of outdated attachments to others in order to call in a new relationship.
  • Clearance of implants/programs/illusions/red fibres/tar on a multidimensional level (including chakras, all subtle bodies and at cosmic/planetary levels and beyond).  As we raise our soul vibration it becomes more important to ensure that our higher dimensional aspects are also clear of any interference.  This clearing does just that.