The Divine Soul Blueprint Clearing – Level 2

This Life situation or relationship reading and clearing gives you a deeper understanding of who you are at soul level and helps remove the blocks and restrictions affecting your life at this time.

Areas which can be covered are relationships, family, finances, business success, career, health and any area you would like to improve in your life.

This reading provides you with the empowering information you need to make more aligned choices towards you goals and desires!

I recommend this session after completing the level 1 soul realignment clearing.

60 min
Skype /Phone session to discuss findings & complete clearing
  • Soul specializations: These are specific skill sets that constitute each soul.  For example many souls have 2-3 of these.  If you have a soul specialization of the ‘Melchizedek priesthood’ your soul will possess the abilities of a powerful energy healer, with a strong desire to help mankind.  If you have a secondary specialisation of the ‘keepers of neutrality’ your soul will inherently non-judgemental and neutral, the natural mediators of the world.  When you understand yourself at a soul level it opens the doors to proactively align yourself to the gifts and specialisations which will allow your soul to express itself fully.
  • Life lessons:  Identifying the primary and secondary life lessons your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime.  I will also check and clear any distortions/karmic imprints/illusions/programming present which are causing a negative polarity of the lesson to be repeated/experienced.  For example leaving love through loss or suffering.  I will also remove any genetic karma and vows which are negative impacting the souls ability to align fully with their divine soul blueprint.
  • % of Connection with Higher self:  This shows how connected a person is to their soul on a conscious level.  However just because someone is connected to their higher self it doesn’t always mean they are taking it’s guidance.  By beginning to open up and trust inner guidance the relationship with the higher self is strengthened.
  • Core wound clearing: Our core wounds can express as a repeating pattern of abandonment, abuse, unworthiness, victimisation, betrayal and have roots through the Karmic family shadow.  I will identify and clear these including the genetic, soul level and energetic blocks and restrictions that have caused the pattern to continue.
  • Archetype realignment:  If you can image the soul came to earth to learn by having an experience of itself.  The soul itself doesn’t have a set expression ie it can express it’s self as male or female and will also choose the body it incarnates in (including all illnesses, ailments and restrictions) so it can have an experience of itself through those circumstances.
  • I like to explain archetypes as lenses.  Imagine the soul in each lifetime chooses to experience itself by creating layers of different lenses and each of these give the soul a template to work with whilst embodied.  Examples of archetypes are:  Mother, Father, Healer, wounded child, magical child, saboteur, the creator and the lover.  These archetypes can become corrupt meaning they become out of alignment with the expression the soul chose them for.  This can manifest in a person only being able to experience the child archetype through the shadow negative polarity aspect of the archetype e.g vulnerability and helplessness.  Thus causing challenges when the individual wants to step into their power and independence in life which could result in a grown adult manifesting situations where they couldn’t not leave home and fully support themselves even though to the outside they had the means to do so.  By identifying the archetypes your soul has chosen and realigning them it can.
  • Chakra imbalances: The chakras show us how energy is not only flowing through our body but also areas of our life.  Imbalances can manifest due to over and underactivity activity.  This can result in blocks which can be physically expressed in many different ways e.g he ability to save money, low sex drive, addictions, repeated patterns of dysfunctional relationships.  The chakras are also indicators of how in tune and connected with ourselves we are.  This connects us back to meeting our own basic needs, looking after our mental, physical and emotional health and a good old dose of self love!  I will identify imbalances and remove and programs which may be causing distortions and provide you with a guide of positive actions you can take to remediate.
  • Life situation/Relationship reading and clearing:  I will identify the blocks and restrictions at the root of the present situation and clear them.  These can be rooted in a past or present life situation.  I will identify the choices you made which have manifested the present situation.  Many of these choices are unconscious ie by accepting blame, holding shame or guilt about an action taken or perceiving to have hurt someone we weaken our energetic defences.  This means that we make the choice to ‘accept’ negative blocks and restrictions such as curses, soul contracts or vows, negative unjustified karma, illusions, programming/ limiting beliefs.  Having this energetically in your field creates an imprint which attracts similar energies and situations to arise in our lives which can be seen as repeat cycles of the same dysfunctional relationships, blocks to financial abundance or being unable to move forwards in our lives.
  • Relationship reading and clearing:  I will access the Akashic records for you and your partner/spouse.  I will identify which life lessons you are both ‘helping’ each other with at this time.  I will advise you of you and your partners soul energy centres and how these reflect in the physical for you both.  In many instances as souls we come together to help each other grow so you may find some of the friction in our relationships is in relation to this dissonance.  I will also identify you and your partners soul vibration.  If for example you have a soul vibration of 5.6 and your partner is hovering around 5 a very noticeable feeling of ‘difference’ will be present between both partners.  This is because one person is more consciously aware of who they are as a soul and is taking more proactive action in their lives towards their being in alignment with their divine soul blueprint than their partner.  This doesn’t however have to mean the end of a relationship, it can mean a great opportunity for growth, compassion and trust to be developed between you both!  The choice as always is yours!
  • Removal of attached and stalking: negative entities, demons, poltergeists, earthbound spirits, spirit wife’s/husbands/marriages, heartbreak spirits and more.  Including the clearance of karmic ties, binds, and any agreements allowing the attachment to continue. I will also identity any limiting soul contracts/vows/pacts that need to be cleared.
  • Soul fragment retrieval:  As part of all the Soul clearing I perform this is always included.