Soulful Living – New Life Manifestation Pack


This package contains

What am I here to do? – MP3 meditation

In this short meditation we connect to your higher self and check the Akashic records (your soul records) to find out what you have agreed to do in this lifetime (your Divine soul contract).  Plus when your Divine Timing period starts.

This will give you guidance on timeframes for getting into action.  Action being the operative word!  It’s your actions that steer your life in the new direction your soul is taking you.

New Life Manifestation – MP3 meditation

Do you know what you want?  Do you know what you need for your new life?  This could be more supportive people, a new home, financial abundance, a new job, the list is endless.

In prep for this meditation I would like you to get clear about what you would like, write a list and to connect with the feeling and excitement of having those things.

In this meditation we will be accessing your Akashic records (soul records) and removing all energetic blocks, restrictions, soul contracts, vows, obligations and fears holding you back from bringing these requests into your life.  We will then ask that everything on your manifestation list is brought to you.  In the Akashic records we will be requesting an energy alignment download to bring you into the higher vibration needed to match the things on your list.

As universal laws work by attracting to us the same things we are in resonance with.  By clearing the energetic blocks and giving you an energy alignment, your requests can come to you quicker!

New Life Manifestation action plan pdf

Manifestations don’t work unless you take action to become in alignment with what you want.  Within this manifestation pack I have included a daily action plan.  This helps you create some structure and break things into daily baby steps.

Then all you need to do is commit to taking these daily and things will begin to shift as the next steps are revealed to you and the doors start to open.  This all relies on your action to keep the momentum going.   When the energy is in flow, moving forwards, the universe can deliver to you!