Dark Night Of The Soul Meditation


Dark night of the soul is based on subconscious beliefs held primarily at the soul level & will also be held from past life incarnations. These beliefs are based on the mistruth that we have been abandoned by god, life has become meaningless and that we must gain spiritual advancement through letting go of all worldly possessions. Causing us to plough through our learning in suffering. There is a lot of trauma held for many of us who have repeated this cycle life time after lifetime.

Twin Flame awakening, spiritual awakening & periods of change & rapid spiritual growth can trigger us to go back into a period of Dark night of the soul. Bringing about fear, anxiety & a lot of confusion, making it very hard to ground & make clear decisions on the next step to take.

In this meditation I will take you out of Dark night of the soul & also remove the limiting beliefs which cause this cycle to repeat itself. I also replace with over 80+ new positive beliefs to help you experience spiritual growth in a more grounded, positive way in love & ease.

I also remove related vows, contracts & oaths which may cause you to revert back to Dark Night if the soul, including:

  • Vows of martyrdom
  • Scapegoat contracts
  • Vows never to trust for eternity
  • Contracts, vows & oaths to block your connection with Divine light
  • Vows which block Twin Flame reunion
  • Soul contracts to master the virtues of obedience