Blocks to Soul Love Meditation


In this meditation we identify 90+ limiting beliefs around soul love within your Akashic records. I then remove all related beliefs/programs which are all contributing to limiting you in connecting in a loving relationship with yourself & a Twin Flame or Soulmate.

Beliefs removed such as:

  • I must surrender my boundaries for abundance
  • I’m unhealable
  • I’m not beautiful enough to find love
  • It’s not safe to show my emotions
  • My Twin Flame won’t accept me for who I truly am
  • All men abuse women
  • Money is evil
  • I’m a sexual sacrifice
  • I must compete for love
  • I’m married to god
  • It relaxes me when I feel pain

We then ‘download’ & reprogram you with new healthy beliefs within your subconscious & update within your Akashic records (soul records).

New beliefs such as:

  • I am loveable
  • I know how to love my body
  • I understand what it feels like to allow someone to love me
  • I know the creators definition of intimacy
  • I have, know & understand the creators definition of sacred marriage
  • I know how to live my life without fearing change
  • I am worthy of wealth & abundance in my life
  • I give myself permission to experience limitless abundance in this lifetime
  • I understand how to honour my sexuality without giving it away

When we change our inner beliefs we can create new thoughts, emotions & new outcomes in our lives as we literally attract new higher vibrational opportunities, people & abundance.